Speak to the on-air DJ by calling the studio line at 970.221.5065


Call the KRFC office at 970.221.5075

Please send mail to:

KRFC 619 S. College Ave  #2, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Other E–mail Contacts

  • KRFC Board of Directors – board@krfcfm.org
  • Next BOD Meeting - 6PM April 13th in the Dining Room at The Music District 639 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Current Board Members

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Board Chair: Kate Hawthorne Jeracki (term up 2017) Elected 2011

Vice-Chair: Lex Krausz (term up 2017) Elected 2012

Secretary: Kevin Adams (term up 2017) Elected 2014

Jon Bard (term up 2017) Elected 2012

James Orr (term up 2017) Elected 2014

Jahna Eichel (term up in 2020) Elected 2017


Greg Krush
David Vacek
Cynthia Bigelow
Deni LaRue


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