Jen Parker, Executive Director

Jen Parker is a veteran marketer with extensive experiences in the multimedia industry working in both Europe and the U.S. for leading companies such as Future Publishing, Mindscape International, Origin Systems, Electronic Arts, Ziff-Davis, Imagine Media, Raycom Media/NBC and iHeartmedia. She also has a life-long passion for music and for creating meaningful community partnerships.

Jen is originally from Devon, England, where she grew up on a farm in Totnes surrounded by music and the arts. The farm was an environment filled with a deep appreciation for music. Jen’s mom is an artist and musician, her dad’s favorite pastime is listening to classical music and touring with a choral ensemble, and her brother Simon was the drummer for a British punk band called the Whippets from Nowhere.

After completing her O levels (the American equivalent of high school), Jen embarked on a “gap year” that ended up being a four-year traveling odyssey to South America, the United States and Greece. While in Caracas, Venezuela, Jen lived with family friends Chata and Federico Reyna. Federico was a well-known ukulele player and his father was the famous guitarist Freddie Reyna. After her time in Caracas, Jen traveled through the U.S., settling in New York City where she worked at the Blue Note Jazz Club. Her final stop before returning to England was Athens, Greece, where she worked for the private secretary to the then Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis.

Jen’s professional career started when she joined Future Publishing in Bath, England, which was founded by Chris Anderson, current owner of the famed TED Talks. At Future, she sold advertising and successfully launched several video game magazines, including Amiga Format Magazine. Her sales and marketing career transitioned to Origin Systems, an Austin, Texas-based video game company, serving as their brand manager in England, France, Germany and Spain. She was then promoted and transferred to the U.S. to lead worldwide marketing. Origin was later acquired by Electronic Arts. From EA, she joined Ziff-Davis where she was the associate publisher and helped launch Sony’s PlayStation Magazine.

Since Ziff-Davis, Jen has raised her own family, supported her husband’s career, volunteered for multiple community organizations, consulted for former colleagues and started a home-based business.

Prior to KRFC 88.9FM, Jen worked for Raycom Media in Lubbock, Texas, with their NBC affiliate and most recently spent a year and a half with iHeartmedia.

Jen attributes her success to being blessed to have been mentored by some legendary leaders such as Chris Anderson, Fred Schmidt (Capital Factory), Marten Davis (University of Texas), Dan Jackson (KCBD News Channel 11), Eric Duncan (KXXV Central Texas News Now) and Stu Haskell (iHeartmedia).

She currently lives in Fort Collins with her husband, Joe, who works at Colorado State University, where their two children are both freshmen. During her spare time, Jen loves to attend CSU sporting events, listen to music, entertain friends, work out and travel. Contact Jen at

Maya Jairam, Volunteer Coordinator

Maya is a Fort Collins native who considers herself a global citizen, with Japanese being her first language and having also studied Esperanto at MIT. She has a BA in Psychology from Emory University and is a published medical author through her tenure at the CDC–both of which taught her she wanted to do neither. She has been heavily invested in nonprofit and community outreach since she was able to walk both in Fort Collins (she dressed up as a monkey for the CSU International Studies Department when she was 5 as part of an outreach event) and abroad (Habitat for Humanity in South Africa and volunteered at an orphanage in India). An avid dancer, with a proclivity towards many an art form, she is thrilled to be embedded in the arts scene through KRFC, having served on its Board for 3.5yrs before coming on as interim Volunteer Coordinator. Contact Maya at

David Vacek, Music Director

David attended Hastings College and the University of Nebraska Lincoln, with an emphasis on Speech Communications.  He’s been a Fort Collins Resident since 1986.  David is a Vocalist / Musician, and enjoys Organic Gardening and Exploring all the grandeur that Colorado has to offer.  After working Music retail for 12 years and in the Financial Services Industry for 27 years, David wanted to give something back to the people of the City of Ft Collins by participating at KRFC.  In addition to his position as Music Director, he is an On Air Programmer, and also is one of the Hosts for “Live & Local”. Contact David at