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KRFC Presents each and every installment of Lyric Cinema Cafe’s occasional Thursday showcase of local filmmakers, local artists, local musicians, local food and… well, locals! We invite all KRFC supporters to view Tomas Herrera’s behind-the-scenes video from KRFC’s “Cake Bash” photo session promoting our 9th Annual Birthday Bash on March 10th.

Byllynsgate Ball
Thursday, Feb 2
Lyric Cinema Cafe
300 E Mountain
7:30 PM
Music: Ivory Drive &
Stud Mushroom
Film: Tomas Herrera’s “Making KRFC’s Cake Bash”
Van Wampler’s “Tequila Snowfall”
Live Art: Zachary Heil
Brew Special: $2.50 Local TBA


Colorado painter Zachary Heil will add to the Lyric’s ever-changing cafe murals. Born in ’91, painting means everything to Heil. See his work created right before your eyes! more >>>

Not only will Ivory Drive be playing, but lead singer Van Wampler’s short film, “Tequila Snowfall” will also be showcased. With high energy tunes and creative tempo changes, Alternative Rock might best describe Ivory Drive’s music. Ivory Drive’s five musicians combine on piano, organ, drums, bass, trumpet, and sax to produce songs that are unusually complex for “rock” music, peppered with jazz, folk, blues, world, and even classical. more >>>

Stud Mushroom is known for writing and recreating songs in an original and “make-you-want-to-dance” approach to music. Taking influence from the likes of Bob Marley, Sublime, Led Zeppelin, and Modest Mouse, Stud Mushroom has built a foundation on their catchy and original combination of reggae, funk, and classic rock. The band’s lineup — vocalists Austin Gloss, guitarists Jeremy Marmor and Adam Petty, bassist Drew Miller, and drummer Jonah Greene — was cemented throughout the musicians’ high-school tenure and finalized in 2011. A form of the band originated in 2006 with Jonah Greene and Adam Petty, and further evolved in 2010 when Jeremy Marmor and Drew Miller were introduced through the Academy of Guitar. Vocalist Austin Gloss finalized the project and brought Stud Mushroom full circle. more >>>