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Guitarist Alfredo Muro was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of ten, he began teaching himself to play the guitar and was soon awarded a scholarship to study with Maestro Jose Pepe Torres at his Guitar Academy. Many years and awards later, Muro continued his studies with two of Peru’s greatest guitar masters, Octavio Ticona and Carlos Hayre, gaining mastery of harmonic theory and the rich variety of Peruvian folklore. After four years of intense studies he moved to the United States to broaden his musical skills studying with great masters Manuel Lopez Ramos, Frank Costa and John Doan. Since then, Muro has established a prodigious repertoire ranging from classical music to Latin American and Spanish music, and from Baden Powell and Jobim, to Bach and Albeniz. Mr. Muro has a special love of Brazilian music. He has studied and mastered the intricate styles of Choro, Samba, Frevo, Bossa Nova and Afro-samba. Alfredo Muro has been described as a Latin virtuoso, but his musical styles and tastes are far more versatile, ranging from standard classical repertoire to jazz. His forte is South American music in its many guises: folk, jazz, Brazilian, classical. Whatever the style, it’s the emotional content of his music that carries the day. While on tour in Europe, Muro played in 1984, for the late Pope John Paul the Second at a “Special Audience” at the Vatican. He has been invited to several international guitar festivals around the world. He has performed in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Germany, Canada, Dominican Republic and in many venues throughout the United States, including the Kennedy Center for the Millennium Concert Series, and the Smithsonian Institution. Muro has released six CD’s: “Journey Through The Strings” “The Musical Sea” “Alfredo Muro and Friends Live at St. Gertrude Monastery” “Alma Brasileira, Volume 1” “Alma Brasileira, Volume” and his latest solo guitar works  “Latin Impressions ”released on June 2009, was pre-nominated for the Latin Grammy . Another important project in progress is the publication of his arrangements of selected Brazilian solo guitar works.