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Amelia CarusoAmelia Caruso is this week’s Support Local Culture artist. Though it may not be evident at first glance, her paintings embody her life experiences.

Born in Cincinnati in 1962, Amelia stayed in the area until 1996 when she moved to Colorado. She attended the Arts Academy of Cincinnati and the University of Cincinnati. She was actually a Documentary Photography Major in college and brings that sense of “composing inside the viewfinder” to her paintings.

Amelia’s work as been exhibited in galleries and museums across the country and on Emmy Award winning television shows such as Will & Grace. Now her work takes on a more purposeful, powerful and introspective direction. The relationship of the conscious and unconscious is her subject matter now. The relationship between health and illness, what and how are they both defined.

“I want the viewer to sense the beautiful grace and visual chemistry in the fluidity and color relationships of my work. I want the viewer to be engaged in the depth of the 2 dimensional surface, to be drawn into the flow. To move through the painting, looking at the dot patterns from a new perspective. Actually seeing and feeling the energy and the vibration of the form and colors.

The dots are hand painted with only a paintbrush. No other tools are used.”