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Bonnie Lebesch is a visual artist, author, and educator. She creates abstract acrylic
paintings and representational mixed media pieces that focus on intentional healing.
The subjects are personal yet universally resonant, and utilize techniques
learned from healing modalities of indigenous peoples, alternative healing practices, and eastern
medicine and philosophy.



Bonnie received an MFA in Video Installation from New York University and BFA in
Graphic Design from the University of Illinois. She has lived and worked in New York City, Seattle,
Washington DC, and Fort Collins, Colorado.

In 2006, Bonnie was chosen to participate in Seattle’s Artist Trust Edge Grant Program
of professional development for emerging artists.

Bonnie has taught at numerous institutions including Western Washington University
(Bellingham, WA), Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle), 911 Media Arts, (Seattle) and Rutgers
University (New Jersey). She continues to teach classes and workshops on fine art and
intentional healing in her Fort Collins studio.


Root-Very Simple

With Time It Becomes Clear

As Above So Below