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Cary Morin has traveled the world performing at college campuses, festivals, and clubs for much of the past 20 years. His work with Colorado band The Atoll includes 4 CDs and a DVD. His songs have been described as acoustic rock, pop, jam, reggae, jazz, blues, and dance. Cary has been featured to satellite TV subscribers in Tokyo, Japan and The Atoll was selected as the Best of Fort Collins 5 years consecutively. He co-wrote a stage production entitled Turtle Island in 2000 and 2001 featuring modern dance and the songs of The Atoll. The production and its cast of 50 won the hearts of 1000’s of audience members with it’s world music and dance. Cary also performed with the Red Willow Dancers in Ogi Japan as guests of the Kodo Drummers, performing at their ’98 spring festival and other dates in Japan. Currently Cary is performing with friends Pura Fe and Benito Concha, the trio is scheduled primarily in Europe. In addition to live performance Cary has appeared on, produced, or co-produced several CDs in past years for various artists and bands. Currently Cary is producing and working on multiple recording projects including a solo acoustic CD as well as an Atoll project. Cary currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his family and continues to travel with his guitars and his friends, performing the music he loves around the globe.

The second 1/2 of the duo is drummer/percussionist, Peter Knudson, a highly desired drummer for studio sessions at the legendary recording studio Blasting Room in addition to his many other music projects outside of the Cary Morin Duo including performing/touring with musical groups Constitution, The Lindsey O’Brien Band, The Atoll, Pura Fe, The Piggies and others.