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2006-12-1 Cole Portrait Medium
Cole Thompson stumbled upon the ruins of a house once owned by George Eastman while hiking in Rochester, NY when he was just fourteen years old. After reading the photography innovator’s biography, he was convinced: he would become a photographer. And not just any type of photography would do. Cole wanted to become a fine art photographer. One that would work only in black and white.

“For me color records the image, but black and white captures the feelings that lie beneath the surface,” says Cole.

His images compel viewers to look not only at the image but within themselves. His best known photograph, “The Angel Gabriel”, is of a homeless man—Gabriel—that he met on the Newport Beach pier. After sharing a lunch, Gabriel said goodby and walked away with his two belongings, a bible and a bedroll.


About “The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau” series he says, “I had not intended to photograph during my tour of the camps but after being there a few minutes, I felt compelled. With every step I wondered about the people whose feet had walked in exactly the same footsteps as mine. I wondered if their spirits still lingered there today.”


“And so I photographed ghosts.”




Lone Man No 20
Lone Man No 20


Midnight Surf
Midnight Surf