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WE’RE WITHIN $500 OF OUR 30 DAY / $4000 GOAL

To thank everyone who donates to our Community Funded project, we’ve invited local musician, MAXWELL HUGHES, 3rd Place winner of the 2012 International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, to perform for an intimate audience of our supporters.

Fans of great local music and community radio should not miss the chance to see this talented musician while supporting a major project for KRFC.

Join the audience — Support KRFC’s project with a donation now and come on down Wednesday November 17th from 5-7 pm. Don’t delay — The deadline for supporting KRFC’s Community Funded Project is Sunday 10/14 at 1:40AM. After the deadline, all supporters of our Community Funded project will receive an email invitation containing the downtown Ft. Collins location of the celebration.

Money raised through will help replace our aging infrastructure, upgrade our broadcast tower to boost our signal within our broadcast range, and allow us to integrate new media technologies, including on-demand and mobile apps, to connect with listeners in the modern world.

Steps to funding KRFC with Community Funded:

1) Create a Username and enter your email. Add a photo and blurb (optional).
2) Go to KRFC’s project page and select from 20 awesome giftbacks and membership premiums or set a no-gift donation amount:
3) Proceed to “check out now”.
4) Submit payment and shipping information.