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October 22, 2011 at Grant Family Farms

Tent opens @ 7pm –  Music starts @ 8pm

Bourbon Toothpaste – Lonesome Traveler – The Holler! – More TBA…

$25 suggested donation gets you music, camping and beer. You must have a costume!

Bring 2 cans of food for our Larimer Food Bank food drive and your own cup.

Get pre-sale tickets, directions, and more info here.

Talented musicians and crew have created this event year after year to be anything but your typical “party”.  This is a gathering of local music fans and their friends, and their friends… etc.  This used to be an event where everyone knew each other by name, but it’s hard to keep track when they get into the hundreds.  However, the initial idea should remain that this is a celebration of community and good music amongst friends.  No one should be a stranger.  This isn’t the kind of party someone just stumbles upon.  We aren’t inviting the world… just people we think would enjoy and appreciate this kind of celebration and leave it to those people to continue to spread the vibe we’ve created.  By this idea, everyone at Holler!ween is no more than a few degrees separated from everyone else, and it really creates something special.