How to Host Your Own Community Radio Show - KRFC 88.9 FM

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Have you always dreamed of being a DJ and hosting a community radio show but never knew how to make it happen?

Here at KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins, we believe that Colorado community radio has an incredible impact on the local community, independent musicians, and people like you who are passionate about music and/or current affairs. We are proud to have an open-door policy and we invite anyone who has an idea for a show to come in and talk to us.

How exactly do you get to host a show on Colorado community radio at KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins? It’s easier than you think. 

  1. Pick a Theme

It’s important for a community radio show to have an underlying theme. This helps set a direction for the show, but it also sets an expectation for the audience so they can quickly understand what the show is about.

If you haven’t already decided on your theme, start by brainstorming things you’re passionate about. Centering the show around something you’re passionate about not only will it keep you interested, but also will likely resonate and connect with like-minded listeners. Do you have a knack for finding diamond-in-the-rough folk singers? Are you heavily rooted in the underground punk rock scene? Are you a current affairs know-it-all? Whatever you find yourself deeply passionate about, that’s a great place to start.


  1. Pitch Your Idea

Once you have an idea of what you would like the community radio show to be about, it’s time to pitch it to the KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins team. Think your idea may be too niche? We love exploring all options and encourage everyone to pitch their idea. Colorado community radio is comprised of eclectic ideas, and we would love for you to be a part of it. Simply fill out the volunteer application on our website to get started. 


  1. Get the Training

Not an expert DJ or programmer? We’ve got your back. Once the community radio show has been approved by the KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins team, it’s time to get you up to speed on the equipment in the station. We provide you with the necessary training, including hands-on equipment training; live session shadowing with a qualified DJ; and finally, creating a demo and a plan for the show. We help you through all of this to ensure that you are completely comfortable before going on the air.


  1. Go on the Air

You’ve taken your idea, you’ve built a solid plan around it, and you’re comfortable with the station equipment. Now what? It’s time to take the show live! We will help grow the show audience by you producing a quality show, but also by word of mouth and engaging with people on social media channels.

Are you ready to get started in Colorado community radio? We would love to hear your idea for a show on KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins! Give us a shout.