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Are you a member of KRFC? If not, become a member today to help us make great radio that is local, noncommercial, and volunteer powered.

Starting August 8th, KRFC changed our programming schedule in order to better connect our programming and provide the best listener experience through a natural flow of music and talk throughout the day.

CLICK HERE to see the new schedule


Over the next few months please let us know what you think of our programming changes. Tell us what you like. Tell us what you don’t like. You’ll be taking part in an active dialog that is vital for a vibrant and connected community radio station. Your input is the crucial component needed to guide the future sound of KRFC, and the help us to truly become the voice of our community and the soundtrack for Northern Colorado.

We will do our best to not only respond personally to your feedback, but to also broadcast your comments on the air in order to generate discussion about our programming and the role of the community listener in community radio.

Please send you comments and feedback to [email protected] or call 970.221.5075 and to speak or leave a message for Executive Director, Brian Hughes.

If you have any questions about the programming changes or want to know more about the thought processes and reasoning behind the decisions that were made, please feel free to e-mail or call Brian ([email protected]) and he will be happy to share any and all information about the journey to the current KRFC schedule.

Thank you for your continued support for community radio in Northern Colorado.We look forward to hearing from you.