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This weeks featured artist is Jill McKay

Jill McKay is an accomplished artist, designer and author. She is perhaps best known for having been the jewelry designer for the daytime drama The Guiding Light, and for her work on Paramount Studio’s Star Trek: The Next Generation. Additionally, Jill is an experienced and celebrated teacher and lecturer, who has won numerous national and international awards.

Jill was recently awarded a public art commission as part of the Remington Greenway Project in which she will illuminate a roundabout at the intersection of Laurel and Remington (in Fort Collins) with photo luminescent stones. The CSU campus will be home to a rain garden that speaks to the importance of water in Northern Colorado. The rain garden will also feature photo luminescent rocks that absorb sunlight and continue to glow throughout the night.

She truly believes in the power of the arts to change lives, help solve social issues, heal hearts and build communities. Jill is known as an art in education (AIE) specialist and for helping to develop the concept of Community Artist through her work with the National State Art Agencies, National Endowment for the Arts and the Mid Atlantic Arts Agency.

She has developed programing for mental health rehabilitation centers, homeless and battered women shelters and community centers. Some of her favorite work involved 12 years as Artist in Residence at the Caring Place, a grieving center for children who are dealing with the death of parent or loved one where she worked with Fred Rogers and social dignitaries to integrate the arts into the bereavement setting. Jill is committed to making a difference in the lives of others through creativity.

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