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Kailin Yong’s Peace Project Trio

Brett Bowen: world percussion
James Hoskins: cello, voice
Kailin Yong: violin, voice

You may recognize Kailin Yong from his years performing with The Boulder Acoustic Society. A few years ago he started  a group called the Kailin Yong Peace Project which typically consist of anywhere between 5-12 musicians but also features some of the performers with him as a trio or quartet. They have been putting on Peace Concerts all along the front range. 

“When most performers attempt to integrate a plethora of styles into their sound, they often get in over their head, but Kailin, who came to America by way of Austria and his native Singapore, has the artistic talent and musical breadth to not merely suggest ideas of worldliness, but to actually cull the voices of other nations from his strings. This performance will be the Peace Project Trio with Kailin performing violin and vocals, James Hoskins on cello and vocals, Brett Bowen on middle eastern percussion. Kailin’s much acclaimed Peace Project was formed to promote peace, friendship and cross-cultural understanding through music. The trio will perform Kailin’s original music based on his exploration of diverse cultures. This musicial event is guarenteed to be exceptional.”
– Clark Roberts