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KRFC would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of the supporters who made our Community Funded Project successful.
As commercial radio becomes more and more homogenized, your support for KRFC’s local, non-commercial, volunteer-powered community voice has never been more valuable.

B. Sue Wood & Associates, PC
Charlie Anderson
Dick Anderson
Stephen Del Grosso
Linden Hunter
A Kumar
Jeff Koepke
John Gaines
Saul Hopper
Tim Rooney
Robert Thurlow
Ingrained Bakery
Drew Jostad
Julie Sutter
Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic
Mary LaDouceur
Cheryl Strecker
Lisa Stover
jeffrey koeckritz
Dave Czenkusch
Mike Gard
Parker Dodd
debnroo, inc.
GNU Experience Gallery
L.R. Laggy
Elizabeth Kenaston
Kate Jeracki
ron vigil
Tom Ohlschwager
Douglas Moench
Mugs Coffee Lounge
Beckie Croissant
Rebecca Brown
Jenine Abarbanel
Matt Skinner
Ronald Wolff
Tom Biedscheid
Adam Molzer
Bailey Stenson
Elizabeth Hudetz
Larry Nissen
Nisha Abkarian
gregg adams
monique keohane
Campstove Records
Roger Menell
Meg Dunn
Michael Kirkpatrick
Paul Nielsen
Kerrie Abbott
John Eifert
Nancy Mulvany
Jessica Rawley
Sarah Swanty
Andrea Bradstreet
Marta Isernia
The CoLodge Hostel
Rob Riss
Deni LaRue
Ryan Stover
Matthew Price
Matthew Sage