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We are changing our membership structure to make it easier for you to contribute to your favorite station, KRFC. This new system takes out all of the paperwork and makes it easy to stay focused on helping us bring great music and community affairs to you.

Our new membership Structure:

Recurring (SUSTAINING) Membership:

Recurring /Sustaining is an easy and automatic way to maintain an ongoing membership with KRFC. Recurring memberships automatically bill you a monthly or annual amount from your bank account or credit card without you having to do anything. With recurring, you become an ongoing partner to help KRFC continue providing great community radio easily.

You can select to pay your total membership all at once at the same time every year, or in small monthly payments.

You will receive a confirmation email with the date of renewal and you have complete control to upgrade or cancel the recurring membership at any time.


One-Time Payment

If you enjoy making that annual payment by calling in during your favorite radio show, you can make a one-time membership donation.

To do a one-time payment select “annual” membership and select either cash or check and mail or send in your check to 619 S. College Ave Ste 2 Fort Collins, CO 80524.

We will send you an annual reminder to renew your membership but WILL not automatically deduct any money from your account.

*If you would like to NOT receive any of the premiums please make sure you identify that in the notes section.

If you have any issues or questions, email [email protected] to help with the issues.