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Members of Better Than Bacon. Photo courtesy of the band.

We are closing in on the 10th Annual KRFC Birthday Bash, April 6th, as well as Local Music Appreciation Month throughout April. All of this activity is giving us a big appetite—for bacon local music. Let’s take a break to appreciate some FoCo-fried greasy rock and soul.

This Fort Collins band moves the Rocky Mountains with a throwback formula: passionate performances featuring scorching electric guitar, well-crafted songs with substance and soul, and a thumping rhythm section to match any mood.

Better Than Bacon runs the rock ‘n’ roll gauntlet: the reckless free-for-all drive of Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, the variety and high-octane jamming of The Band and The Allman Brothers, and the songwriting refinement of the masters, all mashed together with the hip-swaying spirit of Motown and the Blues.

A dynamic vocal pairing – one that marries Ryan Zwanziger’s powerful, textured vocals with James Yearling’s smooth, velvety voice – is complimented by Yearling’s expressive and explosive electric guitar playing. An impromptu jam session between the two sparked the duo to form Better Than Bacon as a four-piece band with drums and bass as a platform for their “Greasy Rock ‘n’ Roll with Old Soul!”

The band’s self-titled album, Better Than Bacon, showcases Yearling and Zwanziger’s collaborative spirit through ten signature Bacon tunes, from the snappy, radio-friendly rock of, “Letter,” to “Bread’s the Fruit,” the album’s emotional 10-minute closing track. Old Soul oozes from the muted horns and gospel organ of “Missin’” and “Into the Country,” while aggressive and funky downhill rockers “Like the Weather,” and “Glasses Full” launch into sonic explosions.

Nearly three years and 300 shows later, the band’s “hard-hat” work ethic and boiling brew of tunes has caught the statewide attention of numerous promoters, venues, and media outlets, as well as earned the respect of their peers.

The band is thrilled to be a SpokesBUZZ class of 2013 band, shining a light on Northern Colorado at each show and on every tour stop, including the SpokesBUZZ showcase at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX.

With another self-produced album in the works, a constant performance schedule, and another national tour in the works, be rest assured that Better Than Bacon will be keeping it greasy!


Lyrics: Ryan Zwanziger
Music: Zwanziger & James Yearling
Recorded at: What! Music Studios
Engineer: Tyler Crawford Unland
Producers: Zwanziger & Yearling
Mixed: House in Motion: Greg Boggs
Mastered: House in Motion Studios: Derrick Bozkurt
Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar: Ryan Zwanziger
Electric Guitar/Harmony Vocals: James Yearling
Drum Kit: Chris Surface
Piano: Adam Bodine
Electric bass: Allan Borukhovich

Get the album at one of the links or shows below.
March 29th: Road 34, Bacon and Friends Show, Fort Collins
April 5th: Alma’s Only bistro, Alma, CO
April 20th: Cranknstein, FoCoMA’s FoCoMX, Fort Collins

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