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Growing up in a town with one radio station was the best musical experience that Franklin Taggart could have asked for, not to mention that his mother, Betsy Taggart is an accomplished classical pianist who practiced every night as Franklin was going to sleep. What he didn’t learn by the constantly turned on radio, he’s certain to have picked up by osmosis. Franklin caught the music bug at an early age, taking piano from his mom at age 4, picking up trumpet and later the baritone in school bands, and finally begging his parents for a guitar until they relented. He wrote his first songs on piano at age 8, playing them constantly until everyone in the family told him to learn something new.

This weeks MusicShare is from his most recent Live@Lunch performance.

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On Tuesday, June 11th Franklin will be the featured performer at the open mic at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins and on Friday, June 14th he will be playing at Cactus Grille‘s new location in downtown Loveland.

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