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Maxwell Hughes is a highly accomplished songwriter and musician whose talent and charisma has captured audiences with his unique sound, irresistible beats, and entertaining presentation. Passionate and energetic, Maxwell’s personality comes across in every song he plays, which is part of the reason he has a growing legion of fans.

Some of Maxwell’s most notable accomplishments include being a former member of The Lumineers and a Grammy Nominated Songwriter for his contribution on their chart-topping album.

Perhaps most impressive is that Maxwell is entirely self-taught and began playing in 2002. Since then, he has self-produced two albums entitled Maxwell Hughes and Express. Currently, Maxwell has completed his 3rd album entitled Only In Dreams, with a CD release Party scheduled in Fort Collins on Friday, August 30st at Everyday Joe’s starting at 7:00pm.

This weeks KRFC MusicShare is “Tales of the American West” from Only in Dreams.

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