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Image courtesy of the band’s Facebook page.

As The Lumineers performed at the 55th Grammy Awards in downtown L.A. last night, there must have been more than a few musicians here in Colorado pondering what it takes to make it to the top of the industry, or to achieve the kind of fame that results in selling 50,000 singles a week for months and apparently instant nominations for best Americana album and best new artist.

To many in Colorado, The Lumineers’ successappears to have happened overnight. Perhaps an unexplainable and phenomenal rise to the top is a more comforting thought that the notion that they put the same blood, sweat and tears into playing free gigs, building a name for themselves in the scene and reaching for the stars as anybody else making music in Colorado. No matter how an artist defines success, there is always some amount of work and time invested to achieve it.

Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook.

I’ll give you another local example of overnight success that is really based on a lifetime of work. Navy, perhaps the least googleable band in Colorado, popped up virtually out of nowhere to win great acclaim as one of Hometown for the Holidays’ top songs. It’s a major accolade for any band, especially one without a single album available. If you look behind the success you’ll find the work that got Navy there. The band’s bass and drum duo pull double duty with Churchill, who enjoyed a Single of the Week nod from iTunes for their latest album. Guitarist Nathan Meese worked alongside his brother Patrick to form Meese in 2004, to get them signed with Atlantic Records in 2007 and ultimately to disband in 2010. Since then Nathan has performed under the solo moniker “Lips & Teeth” and continued making music with his brother and sister-in-law, Tiffany Meese. Their ensemble, The Centennial, released their first full length album earlier this year.

If Dan Craig, Navy’s frontman and singer, keeps this experienced ensemble building on the work he’s already amassed as a solo artist then I predict this band will experience a long successful future. Much more than that, I cannot say. Expect an EP out soon. In fact, go bug the guys on Navy’s facebook and twitter until they finish it.


Something Good

Dan Craig – vocals, guitar
Joe Richmond – drums
Tyler Rima – bass
Nathan Meese – guitar

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