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Too many great Southern Colorado bands get overlooked here in Fort Collins. Even those who make the long drive up regularly to perform can have a tough time feeling the love. So, perhaps we’ve been sending the message that it’s not worth the effort because they’re probably not going to break in to our scene. If that’s the case, I hope a handful of them read this and realize that trading gigs with local bands is a fantastic way to bridge our two rather strong independent music communities.

This weekend, The Changing Colors’ released their second album to the acclaim of CSIndy and Reverb. Reverb’s Josh Johnson aptly noted that musicians like Changing Colors’ Conor Bourgal are breaking the long established perception that the finest Colorado music is jam band music. His album delivers a dark moody soundscape far more lush than his first album without crowding the sumptuious, sparse lyrics. This stands to become an important album for Colorado music buffs at a time when the variety of excellent musicians in-state are stepping out from the shadows of our Jam band history.

The album is available now at

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