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Photo ©2011 by Cindy Schneider

KRFC is proud to sponsor an ongoing series of concerts curated by GNU and held in their subterranean gallery in Old Town Square.

When word of Gallery Underground’s closure made it’s way around town there was a fear that our community had lost one of the best places for fans of art and music to gather. When GNU: Experience Gallery opened they set to work dispelling that fear. The resulting offerings have been diverse and taken as a whole, expose a collaborative team of curators whose tastes and vision draw the curious and the cultured together.

“We were drawn to KRFC as sponsors for our music experiences, because of their community-fostering mission, and because of the work they do to feature local artists.” said Brandton Manshel, GNU co-owner.

To find a complete list of upcoming shows, visit GNU on Facebook where more shows are being added regularly.

Here are some highlights through September:

Cougar Pants w/ Hunter Dragon—Sept. 1, 9:00 — $3
Force Publique — Sept 2, 9:00 —$6 (First Friday Artwalk – Free until 9:00)
The Sickly Ferguson — Sept 9, 9:00 — $5
Leeches of Lore w/ A.M. Pleasure Assassins— Sept. 14, 9:30 —$5
Birdhand w/ guests —Sept. 15, 9:00 —$5
Kissing Party w/ guests —Sept. 16, 9:00 — $5
Dear Rabbit w/ guests — Sept. 19, 9:00 — $3
Action Friend w/ The Skivies —-Sept 24, 9:00 — $5
Alana Rolfe (of Stella Luce / F.B.R.) & friends w/ Sam!! Well, Hell—- Oct. 1, 9:00 —$3