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With The 10th Annual KRFC Birthday Bash right around the corner, KRFC wants to play a music discovery game with Fort Collins to help spread the tradition of Local Music Appreciation Month!

Look for 100 posters by contest winner Angelica Nolen around town & be sure to check the back! Select posters will have hidden links to stream and download music from a diverse collection of local artists.

If you’re a local musician or fan, you can print your own posters. Just click the image of the poster to view and save a print-resolution pdf. You can even play along with our game by adding your own info to the poster.

KRFC’s printing sponsor is Pixels & Press. If you get the chance, please thank them for their support of the community’s airwaves and musicians!

Congratulations, Angelica. Thanks to all the participating artists for stepping up to support Fort Collins music.