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This March, we celebrated KRFC’s 9th Annual Birthday Bash! We’re starting KRFC’s 10th year on the air with a deeper-than-ever resolve to live local and listen local. Colorado artists outnumber national acts 2 to 1 on this month’s KRFC chart!

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Here’s what we played most in March:


1) Tennis, Young and Old (C)
2) Lumineers, Lumineers (C)
3) Euforquestra, Let Us In (C)
4) Martin Gilmore, Martin Gilmore (C)
5) Coles Whalen, I Wrote This For You (C)
6) Longest Day Of the Year, Turn Into the Ground (C)
7) Bad Weather California, Sunkissed (C)
8) Catch Bees, Newman’s Open Choior (C)
9) Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams, Live @ Hodi’s (C)
10) Holler, Gratitude (C)
11) Otis Taylor, Otis Taylor’s Contraband (C)
12) Lionel Young Band, On Our Way To Memphis (C)
13) Ronnie Shellist, Til Then (C)
14) Fierce Bad Rabbit, Live and Learn (C)
15) Great American Taxi, Paradise Lost (C)
16) Cary Morin, Sing It Louder (C)
17) Katya Chorover, Big Big Love (C)
18) Patti Fiasco, Patti Fiasco (C)
19) Katie Glassman, Snapshot (C)
20) Turn 4, What You Do About It (C)


1) Tennis, “Origins” (C)
2) Andrew Bird, “Danse Caribe”
3) Carolina Chocolate Drops, “‘Country Girl”
4) Joan Osborne, “Game Of Love”
5) Joan Osborne, “I Don’t Need No Doctor”
6) Bad Weather California, “I’ll Reach Out My Hand” (C)
7) Lumineers, “Ho Hey” (C)
8) Lumineers, “Big Parade” (C)
9) Tennis, “It All Feels the Same” (C)
10) Bahamas, “Lost In the Light”


1) Joan Osborne, Bring It On Home
2) Tennis, Young and Old (C)
3) Carolina Chocolate Drops, Leaving Eden
4) Lumineers, Lumineers (C)
5) Darrell Scott, Long Ride Home
6) Euforquestra, Let Us In (C)
7) Ladysmith Black Mambazo, And Friends
8) Martin Gilmore, Martin GIlmore (C)
9) Chieftains, Voice Of Ages
10) Coles Whalen, I Wrote This For You (C)
11) Longest Day Of the Year, Turn Into the Ground (C)
12) Various Artists, This One’s For Him (Guy Clark)
13) Andrew Bird, Break It Yourself
14) Bad Weather California, Sunkissed (C)
15) Catch Bees, Newman’s Open Choir (C)
16) Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams, Live @ Hodi’s (C)
17) Holler, Gratitude (C)
18) Otis Taylor, Otis Taylor’s Cotraband (C)
19) Justin Townes Earle, Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now
20) Lyle Lovett, Release Me