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Byllynsgate Ball is an occasional Thursday gathering and showcase of Local Musicians, Local Artists, Local Filmmakers, Local Writers, Local Beers, and Local Food.

Lyric Cinema Cafe: 300 E Mountain Ave. 6PM. Sponsored by KRFC, Fort Collins.

Coming your way November 3rd:

Wasteland Hop – Video release and live performance

If the world were to be stricken by disease, famine, and natural disaster – Wasteland Hop would be the band staging a rock concert on top of the giant heap of rubble that once was Fort Collins, Colorado.

Wasteland Hop’s music belongs to an imaginary genre called “un-Hip Hop.” It’s got one foot in the groovin’ live hip hop of The Roots and another in the brash, bluesy indie rock of The White Stripes. The third foot (the result of a rare genetic mutation) is planted squarely in their own mouths.

Wasteland Hop loves nothing more than playing to their small-but-increasingly-raucous contingent of faithful fans on the Front Range. Mother Acre, the debut EP by Wasteland Hop is now available through Amazon and iTunes!

Common Anomaly – Live Performance

These four friends have spent the past three years developing the odd blend of indie dance-rock, alternative and electronica that is Common Anomaly. While the group’s numerous influences range all the way from The Mars Volta to Daft Punk, their sound ultimately falls somewhere among the likes of Foals, Minus The Bear, and The Faint. Their polished, high-energy live performances have earned them a growing loyal fanbase and a regular schedule of shows all over the Colorado Front Range, where they can frequently be seen with fellow up-and-comers The Photo Atlas, The Epilogues, and The Knew, as well as such national acts as Royal Bangs and Bear Hands. Common Anomaly’s sophomore album “Iridium” (mixed/mastered at the legendary Blasting Room Studios) was released March 2011.

Parker St. – Animated Short Film