Live @ Lunch Presents: "Macy Todd" 6/07/19 - KRFC 88.9 FM

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Here’s a side to Atlanta’s music scene that you probably haven’t heard all that much about, but as with her hip-hop counterparts, Macy Todd’s style brims with confidence. Her music is self-assured, even as she begins to explore new genres. Since the tender age of fourteen, Macy Todd has been writing songs – bubbling pop in college, rich blues a year ago, and now a left-field indie-pop song that reminds us of a certain Maggie Rogers or Diana Gordon. The base of Todd’s new single ‘Flying’ is certainly pop, but it’s the playful free form kind that keeps you tuned in with weird synths, jovial percussion, upbeat acoustic guitar, and the funky punch of bass. Of course, the first thing that will draw a listener in is Todd’s voice, which at first is just above a whisper, before launching into a soulful declaration ‘I feel like I’m flying again’. As Todd herself explains of the song, “my favorite music has always been music that leaves me lighter than before,” and that’s exactly what ‘Flying’ does, especially in the chorus; a happy triumph above it all