Live @ Lunch Presents: “More Than Physics" 07/06/2018 - KRFC 88.9 FM

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More Than Physics is a melodic percussion based duo based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Clint Willcox and Jonathan Sadler began playing together in 2011 after meeting at a local drum store.

Clint began drumming in 1990 at the age of 11.  Starting with snare drum, he played in high school marching band and then went on to become a professional drummer.  He has toured across the United States and shared the stage with many top musicians.  In 2011 he started experimenting with the sounds of Handpans.  Connecting with Jonathan Sadler transformed the music into what it is today. Their main focus is to bring these unique sounds into a refreshing, accessible realm of human listening.

Jonathan began his musical journey with drums and percussion around age 8, though music has long been an integral part of Jonathan’s life. Growing up in a family of musicians, pursuing music was written in the stars for Jonathan. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Jonathan employs the tools that best fit the job at hand, though he specializes now in Tabla and Marimba. When Jonathan discovered Tabla in 2011 it changed the trajectory of his musical career and it has fast become his main instrument. He began his study of Tabla with lessons from Mike Dillon, a student of Aloke Dutta, and is currently taking lessons with Jeffrey Rodgers, a student of Ustad Alla Rakha.

You can listen to More Than Physics at Noon on 07/06/18 on 88.9 in Northern Colorado, or across the globe at KRFC.FM!