Live @ Lunch Presents: "The Dollhouse Thieves" 4/12/19 - KRFC 88.9 FM

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“The Dollhouse Thieves is a multi-instrumental Denver project started by husband and wife team Niki and Luke Tredinnick that blends elements of neo-rock with indie-folk using jazz-influenced vocals and unconventional instruments such as accordion, clarinet, and trombone. The band members all hold music degrees in composition, education, and performance, and share over a decade of performing and writing music together in various settings across the country to make them an exceptional group. Their aptitude for singing and playing a multitude of string, percussion, woodwind, brass, and keyboard instruments within a wide array of styles evokes enchantment and delight in their audiences.
   Their first full-length album The Dollhouse Thieves delves into personal and universal themes of sexuality, death, romance, nature, and inner conflict, and weaves in and out of genres. Since its June 2018 release, The Dollhouse Thieves has received notable praise around Colorado as an upcoming indie-folk rock band.”