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They met on Craigslist and joined a deep well of original songs – described by 303 Magazine as “heartwarmingly honest and bittersweet” – with beautiful bass and horn instrumentation. The Moonlit Wild is bass player David James, who has played with notable Colorado genre bands Mass Hipsteria and The Flatirons Jazz Orchestra; Johanna Burian, classically trained French horn player and vocalist who freelances all over the Front Range, and is currently sitting in with the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra; and Christopher Bosch (“Christomo”), a soul-searching troubadour and collector of stories whose original music has been featured on national t.v. and radio. James and Burian bring decades of symphonic, jazz, and funk experience to the music, adding a melodic layering to Christomo’s story telling that is upbeat in one song and haunting in the next. Their music is food for the soul.