Locally Sourced Presents: "Ben Hanna" 7/16/18 - KRFC 88.9 FM

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Marquee Magazine writes “Ben Hanna has got to have trouble making friends. Generally speaking, most folks can’t handle someone being so goddamn truthful, cutting and forthright. But for those who can hack it, he probably ends up being a great friend. Hanna wears this openly on both sleeves on his latest album Kick Your Legs Out and in the accompanying press release he stated that his music “attracts and repels all walks of life.” With a punk’s love for imperfection, Hanna — who is joined by a slew of musicians, including Brian Schey on bass, Jeff Finlin on drums and Eben Grace on guitar —  picks the scabs of social media, aging, ADD, “ruining everything” and relationships with an awkward honesty that comes off like a Portlandia sketch in music form