Locally Sourced Presents: No Small Children 06/20/18 - KRFC 88.9 FM

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Three school- teachers walk into a bar, onto the stage, plug in instruments and then melt your face.

No Small Children is an all-girl band, or as they call themselves, a band. They were born on the playground in the spring of 2012. Elementary school-teachers by day, guitarist and singer Lisa Pimentel and drummer Nicola Berlinsky decided to start the band while covering recess duty. Three months later they had an EP, countless shows behind them and an east coast tour booked. By October 2013, bass player and singer Joanie Pimentel had moved to Los Angeles to join the group. With all three teaching at the same school, lunch breaks became band meetings, after-school times became rehearsals and holidays were reserved for touring.

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