Locally Sourced "Scott Slusher" 12/05/18 - KRFC 88.9 FM

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Scott Slusher, vocalist for “The Swashbuckling Doctors” introducing their
New CD Release.
The Swashbuckling Doctors have been skankin’ together since 2010, and they have played shows all over Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. The Docs have recorded four albums of original material, Kraken EP, Side Effects May Include…, Rescue the Universe, and their 2018 release Rage of Enlightenment. The Swashbuckling Doctors continue to amaze and delight with their unique take on ska punk jazz be-bop beat poetry as they sail the high seas of I-25, looking for new fans and delighting children, capybara, and collies at every stop along the way. Don’t miss this extravaganza of heart-felt insanity!