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Whiskey Autumn 

Combining retro jangle with a modern beat, Whiskey Autumn blurs genre lines to create surf dream pop psychedelia. The band’s new album, Modern Doubt, dropped on April 12, 2019. The lead single, “Birds That Flew,” was described by 303 Magazine as “…jamming out where your parents don’t know about. This music means to elicit a response, to make the listener feel funky and strange in the best way.”

Hailing from Denver, CO, Whiskey Autumn consists of multi-instrumentalists Greg Laut and Jason Paton. The group has spent the past 3 years touring throughout the US, bringing their prom jams from the future to audiences at over 350 live shows ranging from big festival stages to vibey rock clubs. Whiskey Autumn will support Modern Doubt throughout 2019 with upcoming music videos, a vinyl release and a national club tour.