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Painter, writer, musician, actor and sculptor Louise Cutler considers herself a multimedia, multicultural artist. Her work is highly influenced by Asian art; she strives for simplicity and tranquility. What isn’t in her paintings is just as important as the elements she chooses to include.

“I consider one’s art an extension of one’s life. My work, whether painting, drawing, writing, gardening or performing is a visual or written translation of my life, my feelings, people I have encountered, places I have been and things I have seen,” she says. “I believe a true Artist experiments, because he or she is in search of his or her voice.”

Louise focuses her art on positivity and beauty rather than communicating political messaging. Her desire for peace and harmony is echoed in her work, as those were commodities that were difficult to come by growing up in a family of nine. “I believe the purpose of my paintings is to bring peace and serenity into a world were chaos has become the norm.”

Her sculptures celebrate the human form and are often elegantly draped in flowing garments. Gilding, the process of applying tissue-thin leaves of precious or common metal to a surface gives her paintings a lustrous sheen and has become a signature element in her paintings. That is, until she she creates her next body of work. She often makes collections of up to twenty pieces that reflect whatever emotions and experiences are bubbling to the surface at that time. Louise says, “Feelings come in so many different waves that in order to capture them you must be able to adjust. I like to ride the wave until it ends.”