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Twenty-four years ago, a baby boy with Down syndrome was born in Israel to a mother who was not able to care for him. He was adopted by a remarkable Fort Collins family and today that baby—Michael Hulings—is a young man, leading a full and vibrant life.

Since he was a little boy, Michael has been dancing. And dancing. And dancing. And dancing.

For Michael, dancing is magic. He loves to dance, whether it’s at home or on stage. He loves how he makes audiences happy at his performances and he loves how much fun he has. At his high school talent shows, he brought the house down. His fellow students cheered from the moment he stepped on stage and he left to a standing O.

Michael proves that creativity and passion abide in all of us, regardless of our abilities. Indeed, perhaps those we look at as disabled are the most abled artists in our communities. His story is extraordinary—just like Michael.