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‘GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY to see The KRFC 88.9 FM Revival Concert with Musketeer Gripweed at Washington’s also featuring Manabi Salsa Band and Last Call Romance. Friday November 2nd  doors open at 6pm. At 5.30pm see the Old Town Christmas lights turn on then come over to the concert. Tickets $10 online NOW and $12 at the door. It’s a BIG celebration so join in on the fun and click at the botton below right away!

The Fort Collins-based, blues-fusion band Musketeer Gripweed simply explodes onstage with the energy and fervor of a revival preacher out to save a filthy sinner’s soul. This group of highly accomplished musicians, however, isn’t about pushing religion – unless your religion is drinking, dancing and some damn good music – they’re about creating “American revival, stomp, shake and holla” music. With a passion influenced by modern and classic rock ‘n’ soul heroes, Musketeer Gripweed creates an extraordinarily powerful live energy, and the band’s “gasoline intense vibe” manifests in spontaneous, uncontrollable dancing and a compulsion to stand up, run to the stage and testify.

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