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MegaphoneThis is not your usual on-air appeal for memberships.


Membership dollars help cover the day to day operation cost ofKRFCMyKRFC is about raising the money for Phase 1 of our capital campaign for the infrastructure and equipment needed to move us into our new home in the Fort Collins Music District.

Unfortunately, transmission and equipment problems have become an all too often occurrence at KRFC and are the result of aging equipment. KRFC‘s broadcast equipment is more than 11 years old and relies on obsolete technology with unsupported software and some replacement parts no longer in production. Much of our current equipment has been in constant operation since 2005- that’s over 4000 straight days! (or 96,000 hours)

In the new facilities, you, the listener, will benefit from a robust radio transmission system that is state-of-the-art, well maintained and easy to troubleshoot. The planned improvements to KRFC‘s systems will mean cleaner and better sound, reliable coverage and improved access, instilling confidence that KRFCwill be there every time you tune in.


KRFC is not programmed by robots, it’s programmed by our Volunteers… During the MyKRFC FUN Drive our DJ’s will do anything it takes to get your support MyKRFC and remind you what makes KRFC special.

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With new studios and modern equipment KRFC will deliver more of everything you love: local music, local stories and local voices. Share your support of community radio- Get Loud about #MyKRFC!

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