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Oak Creek is Daniel Watters, Jenna Cunningham Watters, Steve Rogers, Adam Wolin, Paul Morris and Seth Evans.

“While knowing each other for years from growing up in the same small town of Sedona, AZ, it wasn’t until their senior year in high school when Daniel Watters and Jenna Cunningham discovered a musical talent together. Throughout the past 4 years, Daniel and Jenna have been songwriting in long-distance fashion; Daniel attending university in Los Angeles while Jenna way fared her way around the world, performing whenever and wherever their paths crossed. It wasn’t until early 2009, after Daniel graduated college, that he decided to join Jenna in Colorado where they can finally pursue their music together, full time and face to face. Both Aquarians and avid lovers of The Beatles, Daniel and Jenna come together to create Oak Creek, a harmonic, folk-filled, energy to be reckoned with. They have been compared to the Canadian indie-pop band, Stars, as well as the folk-rock band Rilo Kiley from Los Angeles. Both pull influences from bands such as Fleet Foxes, Broken Social Scene, Phoenix, Wilco, Stevie Wonder, Simon and Garfunkel, and of course, The Beatles. Daniel has 2 self-released albums under his belt, with Jenna making an appearance on both. Currently, Oak Creek are living in and performing around Denver, CO. Joining them to create a 6 piece band are Adam Wolin on drums, Steve Rogers on bass, Seth Evans on accordion, banjo, and piano, and Pablo Morris on wurlitzer, organ, and guitar.”