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Los Angeles based Oh No Not Stereo is Skyler Nielsen (Vocals/Guitar), Mykul Lee (Drums/Lamp Smashing), Jussi Karvinen (Lead Guitar) & Ryan Williams (Bass Guitar).

We booked this show last minute and their back-line couldn’t get to the studio in time so the band gifted us with a rare parred down performance sans drums & bass. Enjoy!

From ~ “We are who we are…”

If our lives are about anything, they’re about breaking out of the positions society put us in. We are who we are, regardless of what others tried to make us.

“…and you can’t take that away.”

With this new record we’re proclaiming that we’re making it ourselves, and feeling confident about our direction. We’ve been a ”DIY” independent touring and recording band since 2003. We paid our dues and earned our chops on our own terms, and no one can ever take that away from us.

“Black and white, a monotone overload…”

Our music is all over the spectrum. We’ve been compared to the Foo Fighters, Refused, or even The All-American Rejects, which we appreciate, but we also think the diverse comparisons show how we’ve created our own unique musical persona, influenced by, but not derived from, any one band or style.

“Sing loud…”

Congratulations to Oh No NOT Stereo for having their video featured on MTVhive!!  You can check out the band’s cool interactive music video and create your own version via