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Ft. Collins has long led the nation in awesome volunteer culture. Each year KRFC recognizes the outstanding contributions of our volunteers in key areas. If there is a KRFC volunteer you think does an outstanding job, we want to hear about it on our Facebook wall.

Volunteer of the Year – Andy B., Daytime Mix DJ

Outstanding Trainer – Jeff Koepke, host of House Rent Party on Wednesday evenings.

Outstanding Genre-Captain – Scott Foley, Americana Captain & Host of Routes and Branches on Saturdays.

[email protected] Volunteer of the Year – Drew Jostad, audio tech


Additionally this year KRFC recognized the outstanding contributions of two volunteers acting as ambassadors to the community.  Chances are, if you learned about KRFC for the first time in 2011, it came from the mouth of one of these individuals:

Cindy Schneider, co-host of [email protected] & community segment producer.

Vincent Burkardt, co-host of [email protected] & Rhythms of Youth producer.