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Patti Fiasco at KRFC | Photo by Cindy Schneider


Now boasting two years of touring, writing, recording, and playing heart and face- melting shows together, this rare crew of Wyoming rockers is onto something special. Their Wyoming heritage and affinity for old-school country inspires an inevitable (and endearing) twang, though the Patti Fiasco still wears the pants of a rock and roll outfit. Frontwoman Alysia Kraft, “seething with talent and energy” (The Point Radio) “has star quality pouring out of her.” (Sonic Reducer, Official Fanzine for the Rock and Roll Tribe). Veteran and versatile rockers Dee Tyler (guitar), Niles Mischke (bass), Scott Clabby (drums) shape the sound, and Ansel Foxley (electric dobro) makes a rock and roll weapon out of a roots instrument seldom electrified and incorporated in the rock and roll sound. With Kraft penning the tunes and the band fine-tuning structures and compositions, the Patti Fiasco puts forth songs with just enough twang, hook, pop sensibility, lyric savvy, and old school charm to bend genres and attract listeners from all sides of the musical spectrum. Their first full-length studio album, moments away from reaching the masses (set to release on June 30), is a testament to their versatility, a genre-bending and exuberant collection that loses none of the Patti Fiasco’s noteworthy live intensity in the studio polish. 

After a great past summer spent opening for nationally touring acts (Cracker, Dale Watson, and Lucas Nelson and the Promise of the Real), rocking some of Colorado’s best stages (the Mishawaka Amphitheater, FoCoMx, and Bohemiam Nights at New West Fest), headlining home-state festivals (No Woodstock, The What Fest), and lending their music to causes like Take Bake the Night, The Make a Wish Foundation, the Laramie SAFE House Project, and the Larimer County Food Bank, this summer has Patti busy playing all of Colorado’s most notable events (Bohemian Nights, The Greeley Stampede, The Taste of Fort Collins, The Capitol Hill People’s Fair, The Colorado Brewer’s Festival, and many more). Back in November, they took the honors as SCENE Magazine’s Battle of the Band’s winner, garnishing studio time and the cover of Northern Colorado’s most prominent entertainment publication. The Coloradoan ranked Patti Fiasco’s 5-song demo “No Bridges” on a list of the best 10 Colorado Albums of 2010, and SpokesBUZZ, a Fort Collins non-profit organization dedicated to building global awareness of the music and art coming out of Fort Collins, selected Patti Fiasco as one of their supported bands in 2010/2011.

With a hot new album circulating and a fanbase that grows exponentially with each public appearance, there seems to be not limit to the Patti Fiasco’s potential.

As Devin Morse of SCENE Magazine noted:

“The Patti Fiasco seems destined for greatness. On the one hand, they have all the aspects a music executive would look for in a marketable act. On the other hand, the have that sort of organic charm and grassroots style that proves its about more than just money and popularity. If you haven’t heard the Patti Fiasco yet, you surely will hear them soon. Stay tuned.”