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Beats Noir on KRFC 88.9FM [email protected] July 2012

*  Paul Mullikin-Vocals, Keys, Guitar  * JT Nolan-Vocals, Guitars*  Matt Skellenger-Electric Bass  *  Dave Miller-Drumset and Laptop *

“JT Nolan and Paul Mulikin are polar opposites.  They are different in almost every way, which in turn is the inspiration for Beats Noir!

Raised in the back office of his father’s small factory, Nolan was exposed to music through the Chicago bar and club scene at an early age.  Instead of hiring a baby sitter, Nolan’s father packed up his kids and brought them to see some of the best blues and rock Chicago had to offer.   At the age of 13, Nolan finally received his first guitar and made his debut by performing Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”.

Meanwhile, Paul Mullikin grew up surrounded by music of a different sort.  His mother and father, a violinist and cellist respectively, saw to it that classical music permeated their west Denver home, and Paul found himself following in their footsteps as he began studying multiple instruments at the age 10. An almost obsessive fondness for music quickly developed, and he made his debut as a percussion soloist with the Colorado Symphony in 1997 at age 13.

The classical prodigy and the gritty guitarist met nearly a decade ago, but they never imagined starting a Hip-Hop project.  In 2010, experimentation began, and the music grew organically as the two passed ideas back and forth. Foundations of infectious beats were made, jazz melodies with bluesy slide guitar were added, a variety of percussion instruments with intricate rhyme schemes met classical piano and riff-heavy rock guitar.   Matt Skellenger added some funky bass lines, soon opposites connected and Beats Noir was born.

The fruits of their endeavors are found in “13 Tracks From The Dark Side of The Beat”, the self-produced and recorded album from Nolan,  Mullikin, and Skellenger.  They find themselves in the company of highly accomplished and equally eclectic musicians. Rounding out the rhythm section is Dave Miller, who is no stranger to experimentation.  Shawn King of Devotchka fame added beats and horn lines.  Flobots producer Kyle Jones added some final touches to the mix.

With the start of 2012, Beats Noir is busy working on a new album and continuing to attract new fans with their electrifying live shows.

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