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Rock, Rhythm, Blues and a Whole Lotta Soul out of Fort Colins, Colorado. Mama Lenny & the Remedy vocals start off nice and soft, and then we finish nice and rough. With reviews like “The Soul! My God the Soul!” and “A sound unlike anyone else’s”; How can you go wrong! If you’re into kick ass vocals, soul stirring lyrics, face melting guitar solos, or pretty girls in sequins, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got a fever, we’ve got the Remedy!

Laniece Micek-Schleicher “Mama Lenny” – Lead vocals
Ben Prytherch – Bass
Ken Monks – Guitar
Jeff Blayney – Drums
Thalia Stevenson- Keyboard / Vocals
Greta Cornett – Trumpet
Amanda Hofer-Ernst – Vocals
Kelly Keeler – Vocals