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SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. “Four sisters who make up the folk-pop group SHEL are breaking the “girl band” mold. They look different. They sound different. And they’re seen in a different light…” ~DENISE NEIL – The Wichita Eagle

“Ethereal harmonies, out-of-the-box melodies and remarkable musicianship”.M Music & Musicians – Folk Forward – The Next Generation

“(SHEL’s debut) is filled with virtuoso instrumental flights, other-worldly harmonies and evocative, atypical lyrics …”The Tennessean

“Infectious pop-folk-with-a-subtle-hint-of-indie songs.” ~Lucky Magazine

“They don’t just play the hell out of their instruments with great passion, they do so flawlessly as if they were born mutated with these instruments attached to their hands.”

“Hypnotic arrangements that reward your attention…a debut album that sets the stage for an enticing career.”American Songwriter