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Who is disappear fear? disappear fear is a songwriter, activist and visual artist named  SONiA (Rutstein) touring her disappear fear sound in 16 countries and leaving trails of light in her wake. SONiA has received too many awards to mention including the Coin of Honor from the US Army for her humanitarian efforts.

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Zimmerman

Singing in Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic and of course English, her powerful honesty touches folks of varied social and ethnic backgrounds especially those moving toward a positive World Vision. Having performed in Israel/Palestine, SONiA’s Judaic roots soar in the colors of her songs and paintings.“Her songs are a vivid celebration of the human spirit in all its infinite manifestations,” wrote Don Kening of the Chicago Daily Herald, adding “her music has a singular sound all its own that makes labeling and categorizing a waste of time.”

“disappear fear’s latest album (Broken Film) features SONiA with full band backing and shows that even after 17 albums the indie pop/indie folk activist remains an insightful, potent and razor-sharp chronicler of Life and the human condition whose creative milieu includes Old Time Country, reggae, folk-rock, Americana recorded in Nashville with an approach that captures the early rockier disappear fear sound.” says KUAR Radio host Len Holton in Little Rock, Arkansas.