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“Learning violin at age four by the Suzuki Method then nurturing a passion for piano music, Stephen Letnes learned and played contemporary and classical pieces, from David Lantz to Serge Rachmaninoff to Edvard Grieg. With hyper-sensitive hearing of tone and harmony (born legally blind) coupled with a cavernous memory, he eventually began composing. Tapping the musical disciplines gathered through lessons and performances (following in the footsteps of the masters) compositions poured forth, culminating in three CDs: “A Dim Glow Through a Stained Glass Window”-dedicated to six people who greatly impacted his life; “Incorporio” -music signifying what love is, that it goes where it wishes; and his latest CD, “Labreya”.” Stephen lives in Highlands Ranch,Colorado but grew up in Fort Collins and used to be band-mates with our own [email protected] volunteer, Corey (Barnes) Bairre.