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“Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Holler! presents a bluegrassy sound, rock n’ roll personality and passionate vocals delivered with mountaintop exclamation.  This quartet of prolific songwriters uses mandolin, guitar, bass, drums, and four bombastic baritone voices to create their Folkedelic sound.  In the canyons of influence, with child-like eyes and wonder, these tone chasers relentlessly explore their roots in acoustic music and dramatic lyricism.  This band’s bottomless cup of original repertoire is led by mandolin obsessed songsmith Michael Kirkpatrick, whose voice resonates with evangelical theatrics and gratitude.  Hot-shot guitar slinger Brian Adams picks some of the tastiest licks this side of Garciaville.  With Brad Poto on bass guitar and Kris Smith on drums, The Holler!’s energetic live show is fortified with a groove that induces movement of body and mind.   9 years of sonic wanderlust has seen the band through many forms, employing sitar, keyboards, tuba, lap steel, accordion and world percussion into their evolving acoustic folk-rock format.  Their repertoire artistically celebrates reverence for nature, the exploration of human consciousness, and their passion for festive community gatherings while echoing the Colorado landscape The Holler! calls home.

In addition to original music, The Holler! has fun twisting up songs by influences such as: Led Zeppelin, Bjork, The Grateful Dead, Ween, Roger McGuinn, Taj Mahal, The Highwaymen, and Darrell Scott.  They have a charismatic ability to connect with a diverse demographic of music lovers, shaking up dance floors, elevating love frequencies, and having lots of fun along the way!

“The group’s songwriting is second-to-none, creating a diverse album that holds quick to its mountain roots.  There is some subtle magic going on here as The Holler! swiftly and thoroughly draws you in with their one-of-a-kind lyricism and finger-pickin’ goodness.” -review of Gratitude by Dusty Ray, Scene Magazine July 2011

-awarded “Best Bluegrass Band 2011″ by the Fort Collins Musicians Association

-placed 3rd Place in Northern Colorado’s Scene Magazine Battle of the Bands 2010


Holler!WildPicked who?  Michael Kirkpatrick’s progressive acoustic vision goes back to 2002 with a project called Wildwood Holler! consisting of upright bass, banjo, and mandolin. This Colorado string trio made an underground name for themselves, from the Rockies to the Ozarks to the Cascades, in a big green school bus between 2004-2008. Eventually percussion and a tasty guitar player were added and banjo was traded for the tuba! This rock-tuba-grass quartet recorded and performed under the name Handpicked Holler! from 2008-2010. In early 2010, bass guitar was re-introduced to the band and the name was simplified to The Holler!.  Michael continue’s to walk this path of folk-rock and bluegrass with willing cohorts and enjoys the experience of working with great musicians.”

Band Members

Michael Kirkpatrick- Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Lap Steel

Brian Adams- Guitar, Vocals

Brad Poto- Bass, Vocals

Kris Smith- Drums