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Daniel Workman, Wilson Cecil, Noah Cecil, Peter Workman, Adam Federer, Tobias Livingston (sound), Adam Bender (sound)

An independent rock band from Northern Colorado, Winchester Holiday consists of two pairs of brothers and one adopted wild child who grew up making music together. In basements, garages, and living rooms they combined their mutual interest in driving rhythm, lyrical sophistication, and multi-layered harmony. With a wide-ranging repertoire that encompasses Guthrie-esque ballads and telecaster infused anthems, their work has evoked comparisons to ’60s folk and new wave rock. The rewards of their music are diverse and have captured the attention of listeners from all ages groups.

Adam Federer: Drums
Daniel Workman: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Noah Cecil: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Peter Workman: Bass/Vocals
Wilson Cecil: Accordion/Keys/Trumpet/Harmonica/Vocals
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