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The Fort Collins-based, blues-fusion band Musketeer Gripweed simply explodes onstage with the energy and fervor of a revival preacher out to save a filthy sinner’s soul. This group of highly accomplished musicians, however, isn’t about pushing religion – unless your religion is drinking, dancing and some damn good music – they’re about creating “American revival, stomp, shake and holla” music. With a passion influenced by modern and classic rock ‘n’ soul heroes, Musketeer Gripweed creates an extraordinarily powerful live energy, and the band’s “gasoline intense vibe” manifests in spontaneous, uncontrollable dancing and a compulsion to stand up, run to the stage and testify.
Jason Downing – guitar, dobro, harmonica, vocals
Lance Ruby – guitar
Ben Hockett – bass, vocals
Matt Goldberg – keys
Stu Crair – drums, percussion, vocals