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Rose Hill Drive
Nate Barnes, Daniel Sproul, Jacob Sproul & Jimmy Stofer

“Boulder-based rock and roll band Rose Hill Drive has returned to debut the addition of new member bass player Jimmy Stofer and an entire album’s worth of brand-new material. In 2003, guitarist Daniel Sproul, his vocalist brother Jacob and childhood friend drummer Nate Barnes began practicing in the basement of the house on Rose Hill Drive in Boulder, Colorado that the Sproul brothers grew up in. Since then, they’ve released two full-length albums, 2006’s self-titled debut and 2008’s “Moon Is The New Earth,” several EPs, and developed a worldwide fan base. In 2009, the trio went on hiatus. In the ensuing months, Jacob switched from bass to guitar, bassist Stofer came on board, and the newly formed quartet began writing new material, which eventually became the band’s third studio album, 2011’s “Americana.” Stofer was previously a member of such local favorites as Hello Kavita and Dualistics. Rose Hill Drive’s raw, emotive rock has earned the group high praises from both critics and fellow musicians alike.

Nate Barnes, Daniel Sproul, Jacob Sproul and Jimmy Stofer

The band toured with Stone Temple Pilots this summer and has opened for Wilco, The Black Crowes, Queens Of The Stone Age, VanHalen, Aerosmith, and The Who, among others.